Stuck in a Rut? How to Regain Your Mojo

Listen on Spotify. You know what it feels like when you’re stuck in a rut, right? You’re treading water and are stuck doing the same things day-to-day. Stuff that used to interest you is less engaging than usual and you feel you’re making no progress towards you’re goals and get frustrated. You’re churning up mudContinue reading “Stuck in a Rut? How to Regain Your Mojo”

29 Useful Excel Shortcuts and How Macros and VBA Code Can Automate Your Work

Listen on Spotify. Do you use Excel for Windows daily? Then you know the power of shortcuts. You might not have discovered the power macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) has to automate and speed up your work. I’m new to it myself and am still amazed by what you can do with macrosContinue reading “29 Useful Excel Shortcuts and How Macros and VBA Code Can Automate Your Work”

Holding onto Joy: Hedonic Adaptation and How to Combat It

Listen on Spotify. As I continue my blogging adventure, I’m always on the lookout for topics to write about. I wrote a post on cognitive biases. One of my few but great and loyal followers left a comment on hedonic adaptation. Despite it not being directly related to productivity, hedonic adaptation has everything to doContinue reading “Holding onto Joy: Hedonic Adaptation and How to Combat It”

Finding Dory: The Art of Asking for Help

Listen on Spotify. Remember the 2003 film, Finding Nemo? On his search for Nemo, Marlin teams up with a fish with a notoriously short memory named Dory. At different stages of their adventure, they need help and Marlin is more reluctant to ask for it than Dory. Dory is often the first to approach otherContinue reading “Finding Dory: The Art of Asking for Help”

Reasons To Become A Productive Leader (Featuring Two Old Greeks)

Listen on Spotify. People have been debating what makes a good leader since Plato extolled the virtue of wisdom in a leader and Aristotle threw his hat into the ring.  Aristotle knew that to accomplish anything in life, you need to have courage, think differently and take risks. That fits perfectly with what Roselinde TorresContinue reading “Reasons To Become A Productive Leader (Featuring Two Old Greeks)”

The Untapped Potential of Inclusive Leadership

Listen on Spotify. Got a boss who’s the lord of all he or she surveys? Is your leader someone who takes almost no well-meaning advice about their company’s direction, policies, or work culture on board, or never really seeks honest feedback? Then you may be in a business that’s using an outdated model of autocraticContinue reading “The Untapped Potential of Inclusive Leadership”

Benjamin’s Buffer and How to Build Your Own

Listen on Spotify. Everyone and his uncle seems to know that Benjamin Franklin developed and continuously revised a learning habit throughout his life, as part of his larger, noble attempt to live a good life by following virtues and principles he admired. This learning habit — Franklin’s setting aside an hour a day to devoteContinue reading “Benjamin’s Buffer and How to Build Your Own”

How to Conquer Decision Fatigue and Plan Your Week Like a Boss

Listen on Spotify. If you’re like me, you’ve agonised over what to have for lunch, all the while putting off much more important decisions, that will have a far greater impact on your life and happiness. I like to call this sort of decision a typical first-world problem. But, joking aside, does the fact soContinue reading “How to Conquer Decision Fatigue and Plan Your Week Like a Boss”

Sting Like a Bee or Be Happy? The Key to Long Term Productivity

Listen on Spotify. Nowadays, everybody and his dog seems to be striving to be more productive. But what’s the true secret of productivity? I’ve often wondered myself. After months of writing my own blog, here’s what I’ve discovered. Contrary to what you might be thinking, it isn’t using apps. It’s not even really about beingContinue reading “Sting Like a Bee or Be Happy? The Key to Long Term Productivity”

8 Superb Pomodoro Timer Apps

Listen on Spotify. Ever timed yourself on the cooker, to run through that presentation for work? Me too. On the watch for a way to level up? ( AKA, to not have to go to the cooker every time you want another practice run.) You’ve found the right place. It started with a tomato… andContinue reading “8 Superb Pomodoro Timer Apps”