The Untapped Potential of Inclusive Leadership

Listen on Spotify. Got a boss who’s the lord of all he or she surveys? Is your leader someone who takes almost no well-meaning advice about their company’s direction, policies, or work culture on board, or never really seeks honest feedback? Then you may be in a business that’s using an outdated model of autocraticContinue reading “The Untapped Potential of Inclusive Leadership”

How Can Zapier Help Boost My Efficiency?

Listen on Spotify. Do you need software that works like magic and helps your business run like clockwork? Don’t have time to learn coding yourself? Never fear, Zapier is here. Let’s answer the question. Using powerful, often simple, Zaps with this superb automation software allows you to streamline some of your work processes. It meansContinue reading “How Can Zapier Help Boost My Efficiency?”