The 10 Core Elements of Painting Artists Should Know

Listen on Spotify. Accepted wisdom states that there are 7 key elements of art: line, colour, shape, form, space, value, and texture. When working in a two-dimensional medium like drawing and painting, form and value are disregarded. Instead, artists discuss tone, composition, time and movement, size, and direction. Thus, we are left with 10 coreContinue reading “The 10 Core Elements of Painting Artists Should Know”

Oils, Watercolours, or Acrylics: Which is Better?

Listen on Spotify. Before you start using any new medium in art, you need to figure out what makes it unique and distinct from other mediums. Thus, the time has come for a battle between three heavyweights of the painting world — watercolours, oils, and acrylics. Which is better? It doesn’t matter whether you areContinue reading “Oils, Watercolours, or Acrylics: Which is Better?”

Calligraphy for Beginners: What You Need to Know

Listen on Spotify. Writing has been an essential part of human life for around 8000 years. Characters were created to record experiences, events, and thoughts. It was often a sign of status and privilege to have the ability to write. Despite the advent of digital technology, handwriting remains vital. For example, in most cases, contractsContinue reading “Calligraphy for Beginners: What You Need to Know”

Useful Drawing Techniques to Help You Get Started

Listen on Spotify. In highly competitive business environments, it’s important to stand out. Taking up a creative hobby can bring out your creativity and give you a better sense of perspective. That will help you gauge how others experience things and how they’re feeling. One of the best creative hobbies you can engage in isContinue reading “Useful Drawing Techniques to Help You Get Started”

13 Cool Reasons Drawing is a Fabulous Hobby

Listen on Spotify. Drawing has many upsides you perhaps wouldn’t expect. As well as being a fun hobby that enables you to use art to express yourself, it can improve your ability to focus and may help you learn to look on the bright side of life. There’re plenty of other cool reasons drawing isContinue reading “13 Cool Reasons Drawing is a Fabulous Hobby”