Is The Pomodoro Method and Productivity Timer Useful?

Listen on Spotify. Find it hard to concentrate at work? With so many distractions, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to keep being consistently productive throughout your day? Well, you’re in luck. A productivity timer might be just the thing for you. Without further ado, let’s answer the question. Yes. The PomodoroContinue reading “Is The Pomodoro Method and Productivity Timer Useful?”

5 Practical Tips to Help You Become a More Productive Writer

Listen on Spotify. Often wonder how on earth some writers can crank out shedloads of quality content when it seems to take you an age to write an article, blog post, or even a letter? Meanwhile, others keep writing more and earning more money. Feeling dispirited? Well, you’re not alone. Wish you knew their secret?Continue reading “5 Practical Tips to Help You Become a More Productive Writer”

Bullet Journals and Printable Productivity Planners: What Can They Do for You?

Listen on Spotify. Ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels but aren’t making any progress towards the life goals that matter most? Keep thinking about that passion project you wanted to get off the ground but haven’t found the time yet? You’re not alone.  Maybe you could try using bullet journals and productivity planners toContinue reading “Bullet Journals and Printable Productivity Planners: What Can They Do for You?”

8 Ways to Become a More Productive Writer

Listen on Spotify. Writing speeds vary hugely. Some would say 200 words in an hour is a perfectly good speed to work at. Others would consider writing 1,200 per hour disappointing. A lot of the disparity depends on the kind of writing you’re undertaking. Genre fiction or blog posts often take less time to writeContinue reading “8 Ways to Become a More Productive Writer”

To Be Concise or Wordy? That is the Question

Listen on Spotify. The other day I read something about how writing was a good job to have when you’re working from home. I was like Wiley Coyote with a lightbulb over his head. I thought, yay! I can make a couple of posts about writing and becoming a more productive writer. Let’s get intoContinue reading “To Be Concise or Wordy? That is the Question”

The Value of Mindfulness (And Its Relationship to Productivity)

Listen on Spotify. Economic value in the modern world relies largely on ‘human capital’ — that is, the motivation and skills of individuals. The demand for human capital has only increased in a more knowledge-based economy.   The evolution of economies was spurred by the accessibility of information and sped up by innovation. One ofContinue reading “The Value of Mindfulness (And Its Relationship to Productivity)”

Are There Problems With Time Management?

Listen on Spotify. The average life comprises of just over 4,500 weeks, according to data collected in North America. Given this rather sobering statistic, it’s no wonder there is a natural desire in most of us to use our time well. This anxiety is far from new. After all, Seneca wrote, On The Shortness ofContinue reading “Are There Problems With Time Management?”

Effectiveness and Efficiency: Finding Balance

Listen on Spotify. In 2007, Google employees listened to Merlin Mann — a self-described geek and writer — who was an up and coming name in the movement towards personal productivity. He’d been invited to talk about how people could start to spend less time dealing with emails and more on more important, meaningful work.Continue reading “Effectiveness and Efficiency: Finding Balance”

5 More Cognitive Biases That Influence Efficiency

Listen on Spotify. The word bias has become something of a hot potato in recent years. Bias manifests itself in many forms. We can find ourselves unduly disadvantaging someone and, perhaps, in doing so, unfairly favouring someone else. Happily for us, many of the biases most prevalent in the workplace are manageable, if not entirelyContinue reading “5 More Cognitive Biases That Influence Efficiency”

Can Shame be Productive?

Listen on Spotify. For centuries, shame has been used as a tool of social cohesion. Parents have used mild shame as a way to teach children what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. But other forms of shame are toxic and the polar opposite of productive. One form of toxic shame, particularly prevalent in our modernContinue reading “Can Shame be Productive?”