Why do notifications damage productivity?

Listen on Spotify. I’m sitting on my laptop with my phone beside me as I write. I’m sure it’s a setup familiar to most of you. If you’re like me, you’re always aware that the phone is there. When it buzzes or pings with some notification or message, I’m forever having to force myself toContinue reading “Why do notifications damage productivity?”

Should we focus on increasing individual productivity?

Listen on Spotify. It’s long been established that productivity is important. But as I sat writing something the other day, I realised I’d never stopped to ask myself why that’s the case. Or, indeed, whether focusing on individual productivity is the best way to gauge success. My curiosity was ignited. Let’s answer the question.  NotContinue reading “Should we focus on increasing individual productivity?”

How can having great user experience design improve efficiency?

Listen on Spotify. User experience (UX) has long been a bit of a mystery to me (even though I have a blog), but until now I’ve not investigated much despite it’s being everywhere.  Not anymore. UX is everywhere in business and it follows, at least to me, that it must be useful. My interest wasContinue reading “How can having great user experience design improve efficiency?”

10 ways Microsoft Office can boost individual productivity (and 5 ways it can boost team efficiency)

Listen on Spotify. If you’re like me, you use Microsoft Office every day. I have for years. But I’ve wondered if I use Office to its full potential. I investigated and found some really great tips which have helped me get more done. I thought I’d share with you so that you — and yourContinue reading “10 ways Microsoft Office can boost individual productivity (and 5 ways it can boost team efficiency)”

How can I stay motivated and boost my productivity?

Listen on Spotify. The alarm shrieks and it’s time to rise and face the day. If you’re like me, you need a few motivational songs to help get you going in the morning. But have you ever wondered how you could keep yourself motivated beyond the morning and thereby boost your productivity? I sure have.Continue reading “How can I stay motivated and boost my productivity?”

The Adventure of the Muted Interview: Productivity and Hypnotherapy

This post was originally meant to be an elucidation of a face-to-face interview with a friend and solution focused hypnotherapist. Together, we were to chat about this form of therapy and how it can be used to relieve anxiety and help you achieve the larger goal of becoming more productive.  Instead, things went a littleContinue reading “The Adventure of the Muted Interview: Productivity and Hypnotherapy”

How can using dictation software make you more productive?

Listen on Spotify. We all know that people can speak much faster than they can type. There have been huge advances in speech recognition technology over the years. According to a Stanford research project, dictation was almost 3 times faster than typing and resulted in fewer mistakes being made. Not so long ago, if youContinue reading “How can using dictation software make you more productive?”

9 ways to create a fab work from home setup to boost productivity

Listen on Spotify. Will you be working from home for the foreseeable future? You’re not alone. It’s now more vital than ever to be productive and take care of yourself when you’re away from the office. Here are some tips to help you figure out how to power through your work fast and make youContinue reading “9 ways to create a fab work from home setup to boost productivity”

Is remote working good for productivity?

Listen on Spotify. Do you think working from home has made people more productive? The advent of Covid-19 sparked a lot of lively debate around this question.  New research — the first phase of which concluded in January 2021 — aimed to find out more about how remote working impacts productivity. Many business leaders tendContinue reading “Is remote working good for productivity?”

How can using Excel boost productivity?

Listen on Spotify. I’m sure you’ve heard it said that Excel is one of the most invaluable computer programmes used in the modern workplace.  Personally, I’ve always struggled to use Excel to its full and surprising potential. Recently though, I decided it was time to discover the wonders of Excel for myself. Accordingly, I foundContinue reading “How can using Excel boost productivity?”