Wild Garlic and How to Grow It

Listen on Spotify. Wild garlic is a favourite springtime treat for many people. It is a bulbous, leafy green plant native to Britain. Early shoots start to appear in mid-February, and it flowers in April. It flourishes in woodland, usually near a water source. It has become a popular ingredient in recent years. It signalsContinue reading “Wild Garlic and How to Grow It”

Beautiful, Vibrant Roses: Fantastic Varieties  

Listen on Spotify. When you’re looking to cultivate a colourful garden, few flowers can offer as much variety as the rose. Horticulturalists continue to bring us more vibrant roses as well as ones of an unusual hue. You can thus depend on roses to add brilliance to your garden. Don’t worry if you like aContinue reading “Beautiful, Vibrant Roses: Fantastic Varieties  “

10 Common Gardening Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Listen on Spotify. Starting your own garden can be immensely satisfying as well as challenging. There are some common gardening mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Bad habits like not leaving your plants enough room to grow and overwatering put gorgeous, flourishing gardens in jeopardy. In the rest of this article, we’ll go through some commonContinue reading “10 Common Gardening Mistakes You Want to Avoid”

Tips to Get the Best out of Your Garden

Listen on Spotify. Gardening boomed in the UK during lockdown. Thousands of green-fingered Brits got busy tending their window boxes, allotments, and gardens. Anyone green-fingered will tell you that spending time tending and enjoying your garden is good for the soul. Gardening is both an art and a science, with a good bit of skillContinue reading “Tips to Get the Best out of Your Garden”