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How to Memorise Effectively and Increase Productivity

Listen on Spotify. Being able to memorise things well can help increase your productivity. Every day we must make decisions, try to understand things, and solve problems to be effective. There are simple processes involved as well as complex ones, but many of those processes involve working memory. Working memory helps us stay motivated duringContinue reading “How to Memorise Effectively and Increase Productivity”

Break These Productivity Killing Habits to Become More Productive

Listen on Spotify. If you want to achieve better results in life and advance in your career you need to be focused and productive. The trouble is, there are some sneaky habits that can hold you back and keep you from succeeding. These habits could be sabotaging your efforts to foster self-discipline, however insignificant theyContinue reading “Break These Productivity Killing Habits to Become More Productive”

How to Form Habits That Stick

Listen on Spotify. Nowadays, we all strive to become more productive. We organise our schedules, prioritise tasks, banish distractions and even download apps that help us manage our time. But how often do you consider how far your basic habits contribute to your success? Habits can help make us much more productive because forming habitsContinue reading “How to Form Habits That Stick”


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