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This site aims give you lots of super useful tips and tricks to help you become a task-conquering warrior whenever, wherever and however you work. You’ll find some great general tips about how you can start to become more productive at work to really make biz fizz.

Added to this, you’ll find info on how to be more productive when you’re working from home and how to make yourself a little more efficient if you’re like me and have to work around a medical condition or disability.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for visiting!

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How can we measure productivity?

Listen on Spotify. Have you ever really thought about measuring efficiency? I hadn’t either. Until I discovered that the word productivity comes from the field of agriculture. My curiosity thus piqued, I began to investigate. Let’s answer the question.   There are many different ways to gauge productivity. Some organisations take a quantitative or number-basedContinue reading “How can we measure productivity?”

What is the difference between work performance and productivity?

Listen on Spotify. The shift to remote working prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic brought about a reassessment of productivity. This became vital with the advent of the pandemic and naturally enough, questions about how it’s measured arose. I decided to investigate what separates work performance from productivity. Without further ado, let’s answer the question. PerformanceContinue reading “What is the difference between work performance and productivity?”

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