Bringing Your Dog to Work: What You Need to Know

Listen on Spotify. Ever thought about bringing your dog to work? Well, the good news is, it’s becoming more common to see companies that have dog-friendly policies. Giants like Google, Etsy, and Amazon have been using their canine-friendly policies to help give them an edge in the recruitment process. Smaller businesses have now begun toContinue reading “Bringing Your Dog to Work: What You Need to Know”

Holding onto Joy: Hedonic Adaptation and How to Combat It

Listen on Spotify. As I continue my blogging adventure, I’m always on the lookout for topics to write about. I wrote a post on cognitive biases. One of my few but great and loyal followers left a comment on hedonic adaptation. Despite it not being directly related to productivity, hedonic adaptation has everything to doContinue reading “Holding onto Joy: Hedonic Adaptation and How to Combat It”

5 More Cognitive Biases That Influence Efficiency

Listen on Spotify. The word bias has become something of a hot potato in recent years. Bias manifests itself in many forms. We can find ourselves unduly disadvantaging someone and, perhaps, in doing so, unfairly favouring someone else. Happily for us, many of the biases most prevalent in the workplace are manageable, if not entirelyContinue reading “5 More Cognitive Biases That Influence Efficiency”

How Does Being Happy Make You More Productive?

Listen on Spotify. You know those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? From that moment on, nothing seems to go smoothly that day, right?  I sure do. Then there’re those fantastic days when you wake up happy and everything, at work or otherwise, goes like a dream.  Have youContinue reading “How Does Being Happy Make You More Productive?”