Simple Lifestyle Changes and Techniques That Can Sharpen Your Memory

Listen on Spotify. Two key benefits of improving your memory are that it can help improve your time management skills and boost your productivity. This, in turn, can help you work more effectively. So, if you wish to improve your memory — and by extension increase your productivity — taking steps to improve your overallContinue reading “Simple Lifestyle Changes and Techniques That Can Sharpen Your Memory”

How to Memorise Effectively and Increase Productivity

Listen on Spotify. Being able to memorise things well can help increase your productivity. Every day we must make decisions, try to understand things, and solve problems to be effective. There are simple processes involved as well as complex ones, but many of those processes involve working memory. Working memory helps us stay motivated duringContinue reading “How to Memorise Effectively and Increase Productivity”

The Power Nap: The Perfect Way to Become More Productive

Listen on Spotify. No doubt you’ve experienced the afternoon slump, that dip in your energy levels you feel hours into your day. It causes you to lose the ability to focus or the desire to do much of anything, right? Well, you’re not alone. Paychex asked 1000 people about their experience with work and productivityContinue reading “The Power Nap: The Perfect Way to Become More Productive”

Break These Productivity Killing Habits to Become More Productive

Listen on Spotify. If you want to achieve better results in life and advance in your career you need to be focused and productive. The trouble is, there are some sneaky habits that can hold you back and keep you from succeeding. These habits could be sabotaging your efforts to foster self-discipline, however insignificant theyContinue reading “Break These Productivity Killing Habits to Become More Productive”

How to Form Habits That Stick

Listen on Spotify. Nowadays, we all strive to become more productive. We organise our schedules, prioritise tasks, banish distractions and even download apps that help us manage our time. But how often do you consider how far your basic habits contribute to your success? Habits can help make us much more productive because forming habitsContinue reading “How to Form Habits That Stick”

7 Reasons You Should Improve Your Productivity

Listen on Spotify. Productivity is often understood to be something that goes together with perfectionism. But this is a misconception. If you spend too long trying to make something perfect, you can end up wasting time, missing the boat, and losing your competitive edge if you launch a new product later than planned. But haveContinue reading “7 Reasons You Should Improve Your Productivity”

Does Reading Make You More Productive?

Listen on Spotify. We all lead such busy lives nowadays, that few of us take time out of our days to sit down and read. What if you knew forming a daily reading habit can make you more productive and help you get more done? You need not read for a long time; you mustContinue reading “Does Reading Make You More Productive?”

10 Best Books on Productivity You Should Read

Listen on Spotify. When you stop to think of ways to boost your productivity, books may not be the first things that spring to mind. But reading books can be one of the best things you can do if you want to learn how to work more effectively and efficiently. The best books on productivityContinue reading “10 Best Books on Productivity You Should Read”

13 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Poor Work Performance

Listen on Spotify. Work performance refers to how well and effectively someone completes their work. Being skilful is not the same as being productive, so having a specific skill set doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to work efficiently. It’s understandable that the only time most of us spend a significant amount of timeContinue reading “13 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Poor Work Performance”

How to Build the Best Productive Morning Routine

Listen on Spotify. You know what it’s like. Your alarm blares and jerks you out of sleep and you realise you’ve overslept. You dash through your morning ablutions and grab a cereal bar as you run out of the door, harassed and on a mission to get to your morning meeting on time. Wouldn’t itContinue reading “How to Build the Best Productive Morning Routine”