Can Shame be Productive?

Listen on Spotify. For centuries, shame has been used as a tool of social cohesion. Parents have used mild shame as a way to teach children what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. But other forms of shame are toxic and the polar opposite of productive. One form of toxic shame, particularly prevalent in our modernContinue reading “Can Shame be Productive?”

Should We Always Use Productivity Tools and Apps?

Listen on Spotify. Would it surprise you to learn that we spend more than 4 hours per day on apps? Perhaps not. The profusion of productivity tech now available to us means it’s possible to track everything from our parcels to our to-do lists. But is it wise to do so? Let’s answer the question.Continue reading “Should We Always Use Productivity Tools and Apps?”

3 Giants of Project Management Software: How Can They Increase Productivity?

Listen on Spotify. Finding ways to maximise our personal and collective efficiency is imperative in business. That’s old news to most of us, right?  But there has been a shift in focus from individual efficiency to team productivity — a shift evidenced by many companies concentrating on re-skilling employees — thus, the demand for goodContinue reading “3 Giants of Project Management Software: How Can They Increase Productivity?”

Is Remote Working Good for Productivity?

Listen on Spotify. Do you think working from home has made people more productive? The advent of Covid-19 sparked a lot of lively debate around this question.  New research — the first phase of which concluded in January 2021 — aimed to find out more about how remote working impacts productivity. Many business leaders tendContinue reading “Is Remote Working Good for Productivity?”