Top Traits of Very Productive People

Listen on Spotify. The word productivity can be intimidating to many of us. You could even say it’s like you’re chasing a kite. You keep running after it, and just when you think you’ve caught it, it slips from your grasp. But being productive isn’t about burning the midnight oil, keeping busy, or being aContinue reading “Top Traits of Very Productive People”

17 Vital Elements of Productivity

Listen on Spotify. Are you productive? Or are you just busy? There’s a big difference. While being busy can tick things off your to-do list, if you’re truly productive, you’re ticking off the right things. You’re completing tasks that are going to have the biggest impact on your personal and professional life. I’ve written beforeContinue reading “17 Vital Elements of Productivity”

Marketing Productivity: How Can You Improve It?

Listen on Spotify. I’ve no experience in marketing. Why then, have I chosen to tackle — or at least touch upon – marketing productivity? After writing my last post, I was in search of another related topic that I thought people might find useful. As the aim of business is to sell products or services,Continue reading “Marketing Productivity: How Can You Improve It?”

Should We Always Use Productivity Tools and Apps?

Listen on Spotify. Would it surprise you to learn that we spend more than 4 hours per day on apps? Perhaps not. The profusion of productivity tech now available to us means it’s possible to track everything from our parcels to our to-do lists. But is it wise to do so? Let’s answer the question.Continue reading “Should We Always Use Productivity Tools and Apps?”

From Farm to Factory and Beyond: A Short History of Productivity

Listen on Spotify. Productivity is big business. But where does this fascination come from?  After all, there’s now a seemingly inexhaustible supply of apps and tools to help you get stuff done. Before we travel back in time, though, we should first define productivity. Productivity: What is it? Productivity is a measure of the outputContinue reading “From Farm to Factory and Beyond: A Short History of Productivity”

3 Giants of Project Management Software: How Can They Increase Productivity?

Listen on Spotify. Finding ways to maximise our personal and collective efficiency is imperative in business. That’s old news to most of us, right?  But there has been a shift in focus from individual efficiency to team productivity — a shift evidenced by many companies concentrating on re-skilling employees — thus, the demand for goodContinue reading “3 Giants of Project Management Software: How Can They Increase Productivity?”

Should We Focus on Increasing Individual Productivity?

Listen on Spotify. It’s long been established that productivity is important. But as I sat writing something the other day, I realised I’d never stopped to ask myself why that’s the case. Or, indeed, whether focusing on individual productivity is the best way to gauge success. My curiosity was ignited. Let’s answer the question.  NotContinue reading “Should We Focus on Increasing Individual Productivity?”

Why Do Notifications Damage Productivity?

Listen on Spotify. I’m sitting on my laptop with my phone beside me as I write. I’m sure it’s a setup familiar to most of you. If you’re like me, you’re always aware that the phone is there. When it buzzes or pings with some notification or message, I’m forever having to force myself toContinue reading “Why Do Notifications Damage Productivity?”

How Can Having Great User Experience Design Improve Efficiency?

Listen on Spotify. User experience (UX) has long been a bit of a mystery to me (even though I have a blog), but until now I’ve not investigated much despite it’s being everywhere.  Not anymore. UX is everywhere in business and it follows, at least to me, that it must be useful. My interest wasContinue reading “How Can Having Great User Experience Design Improve Efficiency?”

10 Ways Microsoft Office Can Boost Individual Productivity (and 5 Ways It Can Boost Team Efficiency)

Listen on Spotify. If you’re like me, you use Microsoft Office every day. I have for years. But I’ve wondered if I use Office to its full potential. I investigated and found some really great tips which have helped me get more done. I thought I’d share with you so that you — and yourContinue reading “10 Ways Microsoft Office Can Boost Individual Productivity (and 5 Ways It Can Boost Team Efficiency)”