The 10 Core Elements of Painting Artists Should Know

Listen on Spotify. Accepted wisdom states that there are 7 key elements of art: line, colour, shape, form, space, value, and texture. When working in a two-dimensional medium like drawing and painting, form and value are disregarded. Instead, artists discuss tone, composition, time and movement, size, and direction. Thus, we are left with 10 coreContinue reading “The 10 Core Elements of Painting Artists Should Know”

Oils, Watercolours, or Acrylics: Which is Better?

Listen on Spotify. Before you start using any new medium in art, you need to figure out what makes it unique and distinct from other mediums. Thus, the time has come for a battle between three heavyweights of the painting world — watercolours, oils, and acrylics. Which is better? It doesn’t matter whether you areContinue reading “Oils, Watercolours, or Acrylics: Which is Better?”