Is Meditation Good for Productivity?

Listen on Spotify. I quite like getting distracted. In fact, just this morning I was wonderfully distracted by the new TV adaptation of the epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. But, as my writing this intro slightly later than planned would attest, distraction can be an enemy of productivity.   There’s mounting evidence thatContinue reading “Is Meditation Good for Productivity?”

From Farm to Factory and Beyond: A Short History of Productivity

Listen on Spotify. Productivity is big business. But where does this fascination come from?  After all, there’s now a seemingly inexhaustible supply of apps and tools to help you get stuff done. Before we travel back in time, though, we should first define productivity. Productivity: What is it? Productivity is a measure of the outputContinue reading “From Farm to Factory and Beyond: A Short History of Productivity”

Can Working in a Coffee Shop Boost My Productivity?

I bet we’ve all heard what JK Rowling said of beautiful Edinburgh when she accepted the award of the same name in 2008. She described the city as being “… the place where Harry evolved over seven books and many, many hours of writing in coffee shops.” Listen on Spotify. And it’s not just JKR.Continue reading “Can Working in a Coffee Shop Boost My Productivity?”

How Does Being Happy Make You More Productive?

Listen on Spotify. You know those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? From that moment on, nothing seems to go smoothly that day, right?  I sure do. Then there’re those fantastic days when you wake up happy and everything, at work or otherwise, goes like a dream.  Have youContinue reading “How Does Being Happy Make You More Productive?”