Simple Ways to Learn Super-Fast and Get Ahead

Listen on Spotify. People who can improve their learning speed frequently achieve seemingly impossible feats. Like finishing a 4-year college course in a year, or learning 9 languages. Impressive, right? Obviously, those are extreme cases. Nevertheless, increasing your learning speed, even by a little can have some great long-term benefits. Your business or career willContinue reading “Simple Ways to Learn Super-Fast and Get Ahead”

5 Reasons You Struggle to Learn (and How to Get Better)

Listen on Spotify. It’s finally happened. I’ve gone barmy. I started this new writing venture just shy of a year ago and had one piece of advice drummed into me. Stay on topic. And now I’ve veered off course, devil that I am. Clearly, I still need to learn a lot about blogging (and aboutContinue reading “5 Reasons You Struggle to Learn (and How to Get Better)”