To Be Concise or Wordy? That is the Question

Listen on Spotify. The other day I read something about how writing was a good job to have when you’re working from home. I was like Wiley Coyote with a lightbulb over his head. I thought, yay! I can make a couple of posts about writing and becoming a more productive writer. Let’s get intoContinue reading “To Be Concise or Wordy? That is the Question”

The Value of Mindfulness (And Its Relationship to Productivity)

Listen on Spotify. Economic value in the modern world relies largely on ‘human capital’ — that is, the motivation and skills of individuals. The demand for human capital has only increased in a more knowledge-based economy.   The evolution of economies was spurred by the accessibility of information and sped up by innovation. One ofContinue reading “The Value of Mindfulness (And Its Relationship to Productivity)”

Are There Problems With Time Management?

Listen on Spotify. The average life comprises of just over 4,500 weeks, according to data collected in North America. Given this rather sobering statistic, it’s no wonder there is a natural desire in most of us to use our time well. This anxiety is far from new. After all, Seneca wrote, On The Shortness ofContinue reading “Are There Problems With Time Management?”

Effectiveness and Efficiency: Finding Balance

Listen on Spotify. In 2007, Google employees listened to Merlin Mann — a self-described geek and writer — who was an up and coming name in the movement towards personal productivity. He’d been invited to talk about how people could start to spend less time dealing with emails and more on more important, meaningful work.Continue reading “Effectiveness and Efficiency: Finding Balance”

5 More Cognitive Biases That Influence Efficiency

Listen on Spotify. The word bias has become something of a hot potato in recent years. Bias manifests itself in many forms. We can find ourselves unduly disadvantaging someone and, perhaps, in doing so, unfairly favouring someone else. Happily for us, many of the biases most prevalent in the workplace are manageable, if not entirelyContinue reading “5 More Cognitive Biases That Influence Efficiency”

4 Cognitive Biases that Affect Productivity (and How to Tackle Them)

Listen on Spotify. Aristotle defined humans as rational beings who tend to make decisions driven by logic. This assumption comes from the idea that when confronted with two options, we plump for the choice we believe will maximise well-being. The extent to which we are rational or irrational creatures is still highly contested — asContinue reading “4 Cognitive Biases that Affect Productivity (and How to Tackle Them)”

Can Shame be Productive?

Listen on Spotify. For centuries, shame has been used as a tool of social cohesion. Parents have used mild shame as a way to teach children what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. But other forms of shame are toxic and the polar opposite of productive. One form of toxic shame, particularly prevalent in our modernContinue reading “Can Shame be Productive?”

Assistive Tech and Efficiency in the Workplace: What’s the Deal?

Listen on Spotify. Technology surrounds us all. Not least in the workplace. You might think assistive technology (AT) is something that’s mostly used by people with disabilities, but if you’ve so much as asked Alexa what the time is, you’ve used AT.   Assistive technology first came into the workplace to help make our workingContinue reading “Assistive Tech and Efficiency in the Workplace: What’s the Deal?”

Is Meditation Good for Productivity?

Listen on Spotify. I quite like getting distracted. In fact, just this morning I was wonderfully distracted by the new TV adaptation of the epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. But, as my writing this intro slightly later than planned would attest, distraction can be an enemy of productivity.   There’s mounting evidence thatContinue reading “Is Meditation Good for Productivity?”

Top Traits of Very Productive People

Listen on Spotify. The word productivity can be intimidating to many of us. You could even say it’s like you’re chasing a kite. You keep running after it, and just when you think you’ve caught it, it slips from your grasp. But being productive isn’t about burning the midnight oil, keeping busy, or being aContinue reading “Top Traits of Very Productive People”